Team Building

Experience team-building like never before, on a Segway® PT! We offer corporate packages for team-building activities with a twist. So if you are bored of the same old team-building activities and want something more unique and thrilling, grab our corporate package today!

Choice of Activities:

  1. Photo Quest

    As we embark for a leisure ride on the Segway® along the scenic beaches of Sentosa, how will participants cope with the mission of looking for the various objectives/attractions? Will they be able to scramble and accomplish the objective within the stipulated timeframe?
    Objectives: Teamwork and Brain-storming

  2. Sic-Seg-Sow

    Traditional rules of Tic-Tac-Toe are thrown out the window as strategy, communication and speed are keys in this modern rendition of the classic battle of wits. Objectives: Speed & Strategising

  3. BalanZen 1,2,3

    Navigate as accurately as you can while balancing the cup of water through the course without spilling the water. Definitely a good way to cool down on a hot sunny afternoon! Objectives: Dexterity

  4. Aim and Shoot

    Have you ever wondered how is it like when Segway meets precise shooting? Awe your peers as you blaze through the course on the Segway miniPRO whilst aiming for your goal.
    Objectives: Dexterity

  5. Read, Ride, Repeat

    Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered. Enjoy a laugh as the original message turns into a creative mumbo jumbo of seemingly meaningless words.
    Objectives: Breaking communication barriers

  6. The Jen Jenga

    Think your eye-hand coordination is good? Then you are good at Jenga! Think you can play Jenga whilst balancing on the Segway miniPRO? Come on down and battle it out with your friends/colleagues! Objectives: Strategising & Eye-hand coordination

Ask us now for our Corporate teambuilding packages starting from $50 per pax (valid for large group size). Our activities are also tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises with minimum group size of 10 pax or more. Souvenirs, Venue rental & Meal options are available upon request.

For more details email us at .
Be different and take up the challenge, we guarantee you an experience like never before!

Educational Institution/School Group

Are your students bored with books and lecture? Bring them out of the classroom and get them inspired and involved in the eco-green initiative!

Gogreen Segway® Eco Adventure offers schools and education institutions an Eco educational outing that is designed to foster a great appreciation, awareness and knowledge of the natural environment and our interdependence with it. Students get the chance to be on our Gogreen mobile Segway while they learn more about protecting our Mother Earth,