Segway Rides

What is a Segway?

The Segway Personal transporter (PT) is the first of its kind-a self-balancing, personal transportation device designed to go anywhere people do. Easy to use and operate, the two-wheeled Segway sports high-tech gyroscopes that automatically respond to your body’s movements, “sensing” when it should speed up and slow down.

You stand on a small platform between left and right wheels as you hold onto handlebars at a comfortable waist height. The Segway handles the balancing for you, so that you’re always upright as you glide through any environment.

What are the minimum/maximum requirements to ride the Segway PT? Can young children ride the Segway PT?

The minimum requirement to participate in the Segway Fun Ride are: height above 105cm tall and maximum payload of 118kg.

The minimum requirement to participate in the Segway Eco Adventure are: height above 105cm tall, above 10 years old and maximum payload of 118kg.

All Segway rides are guided by safety instructors.

Can I share the same Segway PT with my child?

No child doubling is allowed. The Segway PT is meant for single rider.

What happens in the event of wet weather?

All our Segway Rides will be suspended and will only resume once the rain has completely stop. You may opt for rescheduling if the rain does not stop.

Do you rent your Segway PT?

We do not rent Segway PT to individuals for free and easy experience or without a safety instructor. It is mandatory that all Segway rides have an accompanying safety instructor.

Do you provide trainings before going for the Segway Rides?

Yes. Trainings are mandatory for all participants before embarking onto their Segway Rides whether it is their first time or if they are a repeat customer.

This is to ensure that participants acknowledges the basic knowledge on how to operate the Segway PT before embarking on the Segway Rides.

Is it compulsory to fill in the Release of Liability Forms?

Yes, it is compulsory for all riders to fill in the Complete Release of Liability forms before participating in any ride experiences and this applies to both Segway rides and bicycle rentals.

If you have purchased your tickets on our website, you will receive a link for the filling out the Completion Release of Liability. The link can be located in your booking confirmation email. On your day of visit, the completed form will be checked by our friendly staff.

If you have purchased your tickets from other portals or in-person at our counter, you will be provided with the Complete Release of Liability form at our outlet.

Then, what is Training Checklist Form?

Training is compulsory and provided as part of the Segway ride experience. Upon completion of training, it is mandatory for all riders to fill in the training checklist form, before proceeding for the ride. This is to ensure that participants are fully aware of what was being taught during training.

What are the differences between Segway Fun Ride and Segway Eco Adventure?

Segway Fun Ride is a short introductory ride along parts of Siloso Beach only whereas the Eco Adventure is a 30 min longer tour that takes you along Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach. The duration is inclusive of training and all rides are non-commentary.

Can I ride the Segway PT if I have any medical issues?

We do not allow guests with the following conditions from going on rides, including but not limited to:

  • Heart Conditions or Abnormal Blood Conditions
  • Extreme Vertigo
  • Recent Surgery or Easily Aggravated Conditions
  • Expectant Mothers
  • Intoxication
  • Epilepsy
What is the Segway PT maximum speed?

All our Segway Rides are family friendly and we discourage high speed/racing during the ride at all times. For the safety of guest as well as the general public, you can be rest assured that we are following the allowed speed on the private service road.

Our team is professionally trained and will provide their utmost effort to ensure a safe riding experience for our guests, in accordance to the approved speed limit in Sentosa.

What kind of attire should I wear?
We encourage and recommend that you come in comfortable attire and wear flat comfortable covered shoes for your own safety.
Please note that barefoot is not allowed for segway rides.

Bicycle Rentals

What are the types of bicycles available?

We have a wide range of bicycles that caters to children, teenagers and adults. Below are the sizes available:

  • Adult Bicycles: 24inch, 26inch
  • Teenage Bicycles: 20inch
  • Kids Bicycles: 12inch, 14inch, 16inch
Do you have bicycles with child seats attached?

No, we do not have child seats attached to adult bicycles.

Do you have tandem bikes?

No, we do not. All our bicycles are meant for single rider.

Is full day bicycle rental available?

Yes, 24 hour bicycle rental it is available upon walk-in. You may write to to enquire on overnight booking or large group advance bookings.

Do I have to deposit anything?

All guests are required to submit a minimum of refundable $20 cash deposit for bicycle rentals on the visit day itself. This is to ensure that bicycles are returned back to us with no damage. However, If there are any damage found to the bicycle, the $20 will be forfeited and served as a penalty.

For 24 hour bicycle rental, you are required to submit a minimum of $50 cash deposit.

Operating Hours, Location and Others

What are your operating hours and your last entry for Segway Rides and Bicycle Rental?
  • Operating Hours: 10:00am to 7.30pm
  • Last entry for Segway Fun Ride: 7.00pm
  • Last entry for Eco Adventure: 6.30pm
  • Last entry for Bicycle Rental (1hr): 6.15pm
What are your contact details?

For general enquiries about our attraction, we are contactable via:

  • Call us: 6352 6754/9825 4066
  • Email us:

Whatsapp or SMS services are not available.

Do you offer locker rental services?

No, we do not. The nearest public locker rental services is located at the restroom beside Luge Skyline Attraction.

Do you provide safety gears?

Segway Rides: Yes we do provide safety gears such as helmet, elbow and knee pads. It is mandatory for participants below the age 18 years old to wear the safety gears throughout the ride.

Bicycle Rental: It is optional. We will provide the safety gears upon request.

How do I get to Gogreen Segway and Cycle?

We are located at Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach (Opposite Bikini Bar). There are several ways you can get to us:

  • By Sentosa Express:
    • The Sentosa Express is located at level 3 of Vivo City.
    • Alight at Beach Station.
  • By Car:
    • The nearest Carpark is located at Beach Station Basement Carpark.
    • Carpark charges apply.
  • By Walk:
    • From Beach Station, you can walk 5 minutes towards Siloso Beach.
  • By Beach Tram:
    • From Beach Station, you can board the Beach Tram towards Siloso Beach and alight at the next stop (Bikini Bar).

Ticketing Related Questions

Can I refund after confirming my purchase?

We regret to inform you that tickets purchased online or over the counter are not refundable under any circumstances regardless Segway Tours or Bicycle Rentals. This applies to both Non and Singapore Rediscover Voucher eligible tickets. For no-show, there would be no postponement allowed, unless you have contacted us in advance before booked time slot and have gotten a rescheduled date, subject to approved conditions.

Are there any price differences between adult and child?

The price for both adult and child is fixed at a standard pricing. Therefore, there are no differences.

Can I buy tickets on the day itself?

Yes, you may purchase tickets on the day itself at Gogreen Segway and Cycle Ticketing Counter. Do note that time-slots are subject to availability.

Covid-19 Related Questions

How many people can go for the Segway Tour?

The maximum capacity is dependent on the latest government regulation.

Can we bring our own safety gears?

Yes, you may. We also do provide safety gears such as helmets, elbow and knee guards for usage.
In light of the current pandemic, we provide helmet linings for you to wear before you put on your helmet and sanitise our gears and products after every usage and hourly.

Can I remove my mask during Segway Rides?

No, you cannot. It is mandatory to keep your mask on throughout your Segway rides at all times under any circumstances.

Important Notes / Terms & Conditions

  • If you are feeling unwell or tested positive for Covid-19, please see a doctor and stay home.
  • Please check the details of our location at
  • Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure @ Siloso Beach
    Siloso Beach, Sentosa (Opposite Bikini Bar)

    Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the stipulated time stated on the itinerary to complete the registration. Your tour booking may be cancelled and timings rescheduled if you do not arrive before the stipulated time on your confirmation email.

  • Please note that all completed and confirmed transactions cannot be cancelled or refunded under any circumstances.
  • Any changes in time slots are subjected to availability. All changes must be sent to at least 7 days prior to the tour date. No refund in partial or in full and top-ups may be necessary.
  • For no-show, there would be no postponement allowed, unless you have contacted us in advance before booked time slot and have gotten a rescheduled date, subject to approved conditions.
  • Please note that proof of age may be required before commencement of the tour. Please produce valid identification with photograph and date of birth as proof of age upon request. The Management reserves the rights to verify the age of any rider(s) and / or deny a rider from participating in the tour if they are not able to produce a proper/valid identification as proof of age or do not meet the minimum qualifying age.
  • Please refer to our website for latest terms and conditions
  • Please refer to for frequently asked questions